YAMAHA YAS82ZII Custom Z Alto Sax

SKU:  ae00-9210
Manufacturer Part #:  YAS82ZII

Yamaha Custom Designed Alto Saxophone Offering the Ultimate Combination of Expressiveness,

Response and Control While Staying True to its Free-Spirited Origin.  Since its Development the

Technology, Craftsmanship and Specifications have Continuously Improved to Fulfill the Needs of

the Highest Level Musicians.

     - One Piece Bell with Redesigned Engraving which Drastically Improves Low End Response and 

             Offers a Wider Palette of Tonal colors.  

     - Metal Resonator Pads Offer an Outstanding Response and Deliver a Wider Dynamic Range, with

             Clearer Pronunciation and Effortless Playability.

     - Wide Bore Taper of the Neck Provides A Free-Blowing Feel and Greater Flexibility.

     - Improved Mechanism from low B-C# Connection Ensures Consistent Closing of Low C# Key and 

             Promotes a Clear Response from Notes in the Low Range of the Instrument.

     - Lighter Thumb Rest and Thumb Hook Base Produces Better Response and More Cohesive Tone.

     - Adjustable Front F Mechanism Provides Freedom to Find Optimal Level of Resistance in Altissimo


     - Lightweight Case with shoulder Strap Included.

     - One-Piece, Hand Engraved Bell.

     - High F# and Front F Auxiliary Keys.

     - Adjustable Thumb Hook.

     - 4CM Mouthpiece Included.

For additional information and availability call / text 570-326-2094 or email [email protected]

Model: YAS82ZII
Manufacturer: YAMAHA

YAMAHA YAS82ZII Custom Z Alto Sax

SKU:  ae00-9210^YAS82ZII
Manufacturer Part #:  YAS82ZII
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