YAMAHA YTS62III Pro Tenor Saxophone

YAMAHA YTS62III Pro Tenor Saxophone

SKU:  ae00-9209
Manufacturer Part #:  YTS62III

Yamaha Professional Tenor Saxophone which Attained the Love and Respect of Players for its

Highly Reliable Performance and Outstanding Quality.  The Success is Owed to a Group of 

Dedicated Designers and Highly Skilled Craftsmen Performing their Work with an Extraordinary

Level of Devotion and Passion.

     - Slightly Narrower Neck Bore Provides Faster Response and Greater control.  Redesign

             of the Neck Allows for a Comfortable Air Flow Providing a Solid Tonal Core.

     - Integrating Multiple Key Posts into a Single Plate Provides Moderate Resistance while 

             Delivering a Solid Core with Deep Tone Color.

     - More Elaborate Hand Engraving with Greater Detail Offers Delicate Beauty.

     - Improved Mechanism from Low B-C#, Connection Ensures Consistent Closing of the Low C# Key

             and Promotes a Clear Response from Notes in the Low Range of the Instrument.

     - Professional Style Neck Receiver Increases Togetherness of Neck and Body Providing Richer Tone.

     - Hard steel Springs Provide a Faster, More Sensitive Key Response.

     - Semi-Hard Case with Backpack Straps for Contemporary Look and Easier Transport Included.

     - High F# and Front F Auxiliary Keys.

     - Adjustable Thumb Hook.

     - Two Piece Hand Engraved bell.

     - TS4C Mouthpiece Included.

For additional information and availability call / text 570-326-2094 or email [email protected]

Model: YTS62III
Manufacturer: YAMAHA

YAMAHA YTS62III Pro Tenor Saxophone

SKU:  ae00-9209^YTS62III
Manufacturer Part #:  YTS62III
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