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Band & Orchestra Rental FAQs

Renting is a great option because it gives you and your student time with the instrument before deciding that it’s the right fit. It also makes switching instruments easier if the first instrument choice ends up not being a good fit.

The introductory offer provides you with our exclusive starter pack which includes everything you need for your instrument rental – you will receive an instrument appropriate set of accessories, the lesson book selected by your teacher, a music stand, and your instrument of choice. Percussionists (drums, bell kits, and combo kits) will receive a pair of mallets and a pair of drumsticks. All single reed woodwinds (clarinet and sax) include an inverted style wrap ligature and two Vandoren reeds. Saxophone players will receive a neck strap in their cases. Size appropriate shoulder rests are also included with violin and viola rentals!

When you are covered under our maintenance and replacement policies, we will repair or replace your instrument at no cost to you; even if it is lost, stolen, or damaged beyond repair! We also provide you with a loaner instrument while yours is in the shop. If your instrument needs to be repaired, you can bring it directly to a store location or contact us to set up a school pickup.

You can visit your nearest store location or fill out an online rental for store pickup or school delivery! We also provide online ordering and free school delivery for accessories and other instrumental needs. Our team of educational representatives visit local schools on a regular basis, so there is never a need to go out of your way.

Our contract is month to month, which means you can purchase your instrument, exchange your instrument, or return your instrument at any time during your rental without penalty.

Our rentals are all rent to own – 100% of the rental portion of your payment goes towards owning your instrument. We offer easy and convenient autopay from your credit card, debit card, or checking account. For a one-time $10 fee, you may also elect to have a coupon booklet mailed to you if you would like to send in a check or make your payments online.

Yes! We offer a discount off the unpaid balance at any time. Please contact us so we can review your account.

If you’re close to one of our store locations, you can simply return the instrument directly to a store. If that is not an option, fill out the form here to request a return authorization form.

Yes! We recommend you speak to your music teacher first before exchanging to another instrument, but you may do this at any time during your rental. 100% of your rental credit will be transferred to the new instrument. (this applies to string instrument size-ups as well!)

Our brands are all teacher approved – among them are Yamaha, Jupiter, Selmer, Accent, Eastman, Buffet, Backun, and Cannonball.

In most cases, your child’s teacher will measure your child for the appropriate size. We also have information available on how to measure your child at home if needed.


We do! We offer a variety of instruments on our First Chair rental program. If you are currently renting OR have an active maintenance program on your paid off rental, your full rental credit will automatically roll over to your First Chair selection. You may contact your closest store location for more information or to set up an instrument demo!