Donation Policy

Each year we get hundreds of sponsorship requests from deserving individuals and groups who are involved with music and music education. While it is not possible to either fund each request or determine who among them is most deserving, we focus our sponsorship efforts primarily on K-12 school music programs. Each year we contribute roughly $100,000.00 in annual donations of goods, services, support materials and discounts to these groups. It is our belief that this is the best way to benefit the largest number of musicians in a fair and equitable way for all concerned.

We request that all donation requests be made in writing.
Please send them:
Attn: Peter Sides
201 Mulberry Street
Williamsport, PA 17701
or fax to (570) 326-5155

  • Telephone and personal solicitation will not be considered.

  • Solicitation from outside our trade areas will not be considered.

  • Requests aligned with our mission of creating more music makers will receive higher priority.

  • Consideration is given to those programs that need start-up funds and less to those that merely initiate yearly requests.

  • Donations that benefit a group will always receive more consideration than those that benefit an individual.

  • Requests for music group travel or trip donations will usually not be considered. Although we be lieve in the benefit of travel, the amount of musical benefit is usually secondary.