YAMAHA YBL421G Intermediate Bass Trombone

SKU:  ae00-9188
Manufacturer Part #:  YBL421G

Intermediate Level Bass Trombone with a Semi-Open Wrap for Smoother Air Flow and Gold-Brass

     Bell for a Rich and Full Sound and Smoother Airflow.  

     - .563" Bore Size.

     - 9.5" Gold Brass Bell with Pluzuma Welded Seem (High Energy Laser Fuses Brass Together for 

             Virtually Seamless Bell which Provides Continuous, Even Vibrations).

     - Gold Brass, Fixed Leadpipe.

     - Clear Lacquer Finish adds Warmth to Overall Sound.

     - Chrome-Plated Nickel Inner Slide.

     - Single, Hand Lapped Rotor with Mechanical Linkage.

     - Yamaha 58 Mouthpiece and Case Included.

For additional information and availability call / text 570-326-2094 or email [email protected]

Model: YBL421G
Manufacturer: YAMAHA

YAMAHA YBL421G Intermediate Bass Trombone

SKU:  ae00-9188^YBL421G
Manufacturer Part #:  YBL421G
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