Emily Chu

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Emily Chu has played piano and violin since childhood. In 6th grade, her family moved to State College from Ames, Iowa. During her high school years she studied with Penn State faculty members, winning prizes in 24 performance competitions, while also tutoring younger students on both piano and violin. After earning a BM from the City University of New York and an MM from Cleveland State University, Emily returned to State College to teach. She is currently pursuing a Master of Education degree in Learning, Design and Technology at Penn State. Her students have won prizes in the Steinway piano competition and Phyllis Triolo Music competition.

Emily considers her strength as a teacher her ability to tailor her teaching to each student's individual needs—whether that is in classical music, pop music, competition, or as a hobby. By applying the knowledge gained from learning theories on how human brains function best with learning, Emily has been able to nurture her students to be self-motivated and learn efficiently. She teaches piano students of all ages and all levels, and violin students from beginner to intermediate level.

An avid chess player, Emily led high school chess club members to teach at elementary schools when she was club president for three years and founded the State College Chess Tournament for the school district. She is pleased to have inspired many children in the community to enjoy playing chess and has also taught online chess lessons to students in China. She is currently taking students for chess lessons.

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Emily Chu

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