PROMARK 747ROCK 747 ROCK Drumsticks

SKU:  1006-PM747W
Manufacturer Part #:  747ROCK

One of ProMark's best selling drumsticks with a forward feel for increased power.

     - Oval tip shape and a short taper for a more forward-weighted feel.

     - Turned from hickory with a lacquered coated gripping surface.

     - Dimensions 16.25" long and .551" in diameter.

     -  Hickory is the most popular wood used for drumsticks due to its resilience, responsiveness,

              durability and classic feel.

     - Oval tip provides a full-bodied, warm tone suited for multiple applications.

     - Quality control and production process ensures unrivaled consistency of weight and pitch 

              from stick to stick, and pair to pair.

For additional information and availability call / text 570-326-2094 or email [email protected]

Model: 747ROCK
Manufacturer: PROMARK

PROMARK 747ROCK 747 ROCK Drumsticks

SKU:  1006-PM747W^747ROCK
Manufacturer Part #:  747ROCK
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