Tama IE52CBBOB 5pc Drum Set w/ Cymbals

Tama IE52CBBOB 5pc Drum Set w/ Cymbals

SKU:  ae00-9344
Manufacturer Part #:  IE52CBBOB

Five piece Imperialstar series drum set with poplar drum shells in a black out oak wrap finish for a 

modern, sleek look  and great sound.

     - Spur brackets on bass drum provide maximum durability and stability.

     - L-rod and Omnisphere tom holder systems offer easy positioning, maximum flexibility, stability

        and greater sound than standard designs which penetrate the shell interior and can inhibit 


     - Meinl genuine HCS brass cymbals included - 14" Hi Hats, 16" Crash and 20" Ride.

     - Tama's advanced edge-cutting process provides extremely precise bearing edges which allow 

        drum shells to ring openly and fully increasing sensitivity and response.

     - Poplar wood shells provides a warm tone combined with a medium attack.

     - Kit includes:  22" X 16" bass drum, 10" X 7" and 12" X 8" mounted toms, 16" X 15" floor tom,

         14" X 5" snare drum, MTH50 double tom holder, hi-hat stand, single bass drum pedal, snare 

          drum stand, boom cymbal stand, straight cymbal stand and drum throne.

For additional information and availability call / text 570-326-2094 or email [email protected]

Model: IE52CBBOB
Manufacturer: Tama

Tama IE52CBBOB 5pc Drum Set w/ Cymbals

SKU:  ae00-9344^IE52CBBOB
Manufacturer Part #:  IE52CBBOB
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