ROLAND TD17KVX Electronic Drum Set

SKU:  1019-TD-17KVX-S
Manufacturer Part #:  TD17KVX

Roland electronic drum set with TD-50 class sound engine, newly developed pads, wide array of 

coaching functions combine to provide durability, superior sound and playability.

     - TD-50 sound engine faithfully reproduces the character and tone of acoustic drums with

        lightning fast response time.

     - Sound module includes a Coach mode to support daily exercise regime and track allows you to

        track your progress.  You can warm up and work on your stamina - all with a score that tells you

        how you are doing.

     - Wirelessly stream your favorite songs from smartphone and play along.  You can even record your

        performance and then listen back to decide where you need improvement.

     - Pads and pedals designed to take a beating and provide extended durability.

     - Set includes one TD-17 sound module, PDX12 x 1 snare drum, PDX8 X3 tom, high hat, VH-10 x 1

        crash cymbal, CY-12C x 2 ride cymbals, CY-13Rx1 cymbal, KD-10 x 1 kick drum, MDS-4KVX drum

        stand x 1. 

For additional information and availability call / text 570-326-2094 or email [email protected]

Model: TD17KVX
Manufacturer: ROLAND

ROLAND TD17KVX Electronic Drum Set

SKU:  1019-TD-17KVX-S^TD17KVX
Manufacturer Part #:  TD17KVX
Weight:  0.00
Price: $1,949.99

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