PROMARK LRODS Lightning Rod Sticks

SKU:  1006-PMML
Manufacturer Part #:  LRODS

ProMark lightning rods are an alternative sound source stick constructed from seven large birch dowels.

     - Offer more attack sound, increased projection and brighter cymbal sounds.

     - Ideal for use as a practice stick.

     - Dimensions: 16" long and .530" wide (same as a set of 5A drumsticks).

     - Unique wrap near the neck of the rod provides added durability when playing cymbals or 


     - Designed, engineered and manufactured in the USA.

For additional information and availability call / text 570-326-2094 or email [email protected]

Model: LRODS
Manufacturer: PROMARK

PROMARK LRODS Lightning Rod Sticks

Manufacturer Part #:  LRODS
Weight:  0.25
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