ESSEX EGP173EP 5'8" Classic Grand EP


Essex pianos are the entry level pianos of the STEINWAY Piano Family. The EGP-173 Classic Grand Piano brings with it the Classic Sheraton design, which was introduced by STEINWAY & SONS in 1900. Backed with the complete investment assurance offered by STEINWAY & SONS and serviced by Steinway-trained technicians, the purchase of an Essex piano also comes with the STEINWAY PROMISE: If you decide to trade-in your Essex piano for a new STEINWAY grand piano at any time within ten years, you will receive a trade-in credit equal to your original purchase price, making Essex pianos the best you can get in its price range. 

Model: EGP173EP
Manufacturer: ESSEX
ESSEX EGP173EP 5'8" Classic Grand EP

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