Richard Battles


Richard retired in 2010 after teaching music in the Mifflin County School District for 40 years. During that time he taught Senior High band, chorus and advanced music class, Junior High, Middle School and Elementary
School band and chorus, and general music classes for grades K-9, with his favorite class being Elementary/
Middle School band. Over the course of his career, Rich has taught in 3 High Schools, 3 Middle Schools and 8
Elementary Schools. Rich has taken part in over 1,400 performances, including numerous solos, duets, men’s octets, glee club, percussion ensemble, brass ensemble, wind ensemble, concert band, marching band, orchestra, chorus, “Broadway” shows (in college), opera and the only vibraphone quartet known to Rich. He has conducted performances in piano, organ, trumpet, trombone, baritone, roughly 50 different percussion instruments, with a strong focus and passion for the vibraphone. He has performed professionally with The Villagers, The Skip Leeper Quartet, The Blue Notes, The Little German Band, The Bavarian Stompers, and several other groups as a onetime sub. Rich is a member of the C&MA church, where he has directed the choir for about 5 years. He presently teaches the Evangelism Explosion/Everyday Evangelism Class. He is 66 years old, married, has 19 children; 16 of them adopted from 4 countries, and 11 grandchildren.